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Sunnyside Nightwalk: Poems

4.00 out of 5
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d’Abdon seems to be that increasingly rare poet who engages fully with his world and also with himself. He seems eager to have transformative conversation with the reader, and wants dialogue, the back and forth. The poet bleeds then takes off his shirt and shows you the scars. I can’t stress how much I love this collection, this book takes you everywhere: it was such an incredible journey! As a writer, a South African, a mother, a lover, a woman, my heart was full: I felt sung to, made love to, hushed, aroused, empowered, called to act… all of it.

Kagiso wa Molope, writer, author of The Mending Season

Raphael d’Abdon’s poetry debut in English reminds one why language is an international, carnal affair. d’Abdon licks English grammar and vocabulary with his Italian tongue, teasing out poems of surprise and joy. His words are like an enthusiastic lover – a brave, daring anglophiliac. It is when d’Abdon explores the delicious depths of love, relationship, sex and the senses that this reader is left most satisfied.

Tania Haberland (aka van Schalkwyk), poet, winner of the 2010 Ingrid Jonker Prize

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