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A Tale of Ash: Poems

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A Tale of Ash: Poems is an impressive collection from one of Nigeria’s fine young scribes. Lucius Ndimele is unassumingly brilliant in his prose. This collection represents the lyricism of West African scribes and their collective genius of the ages. Ndimele’s language is floral yet not overwhelming. His poetry is beautiful, yet not soppy. He writes about love, relationships, death and life.

“Your home is yesterday, you can
Only exhume what it looked like,
Memorials fertilize your songs, every
Dawn is laced with mines, every
Young hour knows the intimacy
Of a lime.”

Ndimele is clearly a sharp mind and his literary prowess is certain. It comes as n surprise that Ndimele comes from the literature paradise of Nigeria. Ndimele’s poetry is reminiscent of Okigbo – in fact in many instances, he conjures up the titan of poetry in his work.

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