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Ga ke Modisa


Ga ke Modisa is a Setswana proverbial phrase. The English equivalent is “I am not his (my brother’s) keeper”. The story is about two brothers; the younger one being a small town newspaper editor and the older brother being the mayor in the same town. The story is set in the town of Christiana in the North West. The elder brother meets an Indian property developer who bribes him with half-a-million Rands and a townhouse so that he (the Indian) purchase the municipal land at a fraction of a normal price. The younger brother, as an outstanding journalist, eventually exposes his brother’s indiscretions. This leads to complications between the brothers and their family relationship. The elder brother eventually commits suicide albeit by mistake. The story also tells us about the elder brother’s rise as a politician and how the two brothers fall in love with one woman. In what then becomes a protracted a love triangle, the younger brother is pitted against his older brother for the loving attention of the ravishing Nandi. The younger one ends up getting the woman.

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