Geko Rewards

Join our rewards program and use your points for discounts, free downloads and books.

With Geko Rewards, you earn points (or Gekos) Each point/Geko is worth R5. You can use these points for any transaction on the site – from downloading books, to buying print copies, to gifts and more. Geko Rewards are great for bookclubs, book shops, stokvels and they are also perfect for gifting.

How do I earn Gekos?

Well, that is very easy. Register on the form to the right. You will immediately earn your first points. Download a book, buy a book, or comment, or review a book – all these activities will gain you Gekos.

How do I spend my Gekos?

That is equally easy. Choose a book you want to download or buy. When you check out, you will have an option to use your Gekos to purchase your book.


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