Hintsa’s Ghost reads like a mirror to the society

I have listened and read one too many South African poets who burst into the scene in the last decade and failed to single out one poet as the best. But here, I pen an introduction to a book by a poet of the future. I am truly awed by the soul, the emotion, the blinding and deafening truth in Andrew K. Miller’s poetry. This is truly the work of a writer who is beyond his own generation of writers. Miller represents that lacking balance in the current spoken word poetry scene – not too nostalgic, not immature – neither ass-licking nor self-praising. He is the ultimate humble poet with the necessary substance and worth. His words are molded and not just uttered – not just figment of an imagination but often felt and experienced. Continue

Presentation is everything: Formatting a manuscript correctly for publishing

Before you submit your script, be sure to make it presentable, readable and pleasing to the eye. Many writers do this through all kinds of formatting and colours. This is wrong. Before you commit your script to the publisher, read the publisher’s submission guidelines. This is important because a wrongly formatted script – no matter how good – will not be read. It is also important to check international best practice on the matter. If you are unsure which publisher in the country you will be submitting to, then refer to international publishers. Many South African publishers follow them anyways. So if you format according to a well-known American or European publisher, chances are a South African publisher will find your script admissible. Continue

3 good reasons why international literature awards are good for African literature?

I really do not think that awards are necessarily a good yardstick for great literature … that is to say, if a book wins some award – “prestigious” or marginal – this does not always guarantee complete satisfaction after reading the book. You might be amazed by these award-winning books! We do not always get surprised when an award is won by a European writer or by an Asian one or one from the Americas. But when it is won by an African, it is something to marvel at … Continue